I.          CATEGORY:
            a.  Trestleboards Awards are classified into three lodge size categories:
                       i.  Small = less than 110 members
                      ii.  Medium = 111 to 211 members
                     iii.  Large = over 212 members

II.         CRITERION:
            a.  Trestleboards will be awarded points in the following areas:
                       i.  Articles from the three pedestal officers, the Secretary, Scottish and York Rite, Eastern Star and other    appendant Adult Masonic bodies and Masonic education
                      ii.  Masonic Birth date
                     iii.  Sickness and distress
                     iv.  Calendar of Events
                      v.  Advertisements
                     vi.  Committee names and phone numbers
                    vii.  Lodge Officers and phone numbers
                   viii.  Trustees names
                     ix.  Overall Appearance
            b.  Bonus points will be awarded in the following areas:
                       i.  Youth Group articles
                      ii.  Other Elected or Appointed officer articles

            a.  Copies of five (5) separate trestleboard issues are required to be submitted
            b.  Lodges are responsible for the selection of their trestleboard copies.  The Trestleboard committee will not select the copies to be judged.
            c.  The preferred method of submission for the Trestleboards is by email and if email fails then by postal mail.
            d.  When submitting the Trestleboards, include the number of members in your Lodge and contact information (email and phone Number) of the editor or Worshipful Master.
            e.  Trestleboards must be submitted No Later Than (NLT) April 15, 2019.
            f.  Only one top winner in each size category will be selected.
Send your trestleboard copies to:  Email:
Roger Biede
988 E Saddleback Pl
San Tan Valley, Az 85143 
Telephone:  510-418-3959