The Grand Lodge Of Arizona

Earn a Masters Degree in one day

Saturday, March 31st, 2018

El- Zaribah Shrine Auditorium
552 N 40th street, Phoenix Arizona


If you have a desire to become a Freemason and wish to go through all three Degrees in one day, please contact the Lodge nearest to you for more information.

​​Lodge Locator

Please visit the info section of this website to learn more about what it means to become a Freemason.

Additional Details

  • Each candidate will be required to petition the lodge of his choosing
  • In addition to standard petition fees, a fee of $75.00 will be collected
  • Within six months of completing the one-day class, each new Master Mason will be required to:
1. Attend each of the three degrees, either at his mother lodge or with a mentor at another lodge
2. Attend two stated meetings
3. Attend any Masonic Funeral Service that may occur in the jurisdiction