​​  There are four components for this award:
+Ritual                          +Lodge Operations,
+Masonic Education       +Lodge Representation
Ritual Component
1.    A Minimum of 3 members provides 2 different lectures in Open Lodge, certified by DDGM
2.    Lodge must exemplify all 3 Degrees during the year with a minimum of 6 parts in the slate performed by Lodge Officers, certified by the DDGM

Masonic Education Component
1.    A Minimum of 3 Masonic Education programs sponsored by the Lodge (other than at a Stated Meeting).

Lodge Operations Component
1.    Lodge hosts a meeting with another Masonic Lodge
2.    Lodge Issues a newsletter a minimum of 4 times during the year (electronic or hard copy)
3.    Lodge hosts an informational session open to the general public.
4.    Lodge has a program to contact non-attending members, certified by DDGM.
5.    Lodge has a program for contacting members in jeopardy of Suspension for NPD, certified by DDGM.
6.    Lodge has a Masonic Funeral Ritual Team (WM, SW, JW, Chaplain) certified by DDGM.
Lodge Representation Component (a minimum of 4 of 6 must be completed)
1.    At least 2 Lodge Officers attend the Grand Lodge Leadership Retreat.
2.    At least 3 members of the Lodge attend the Grand Lodge Communication (2 must be the WM, SW, and/or JW).
3.    At least 4 members of the lodge attend a meeting of a Masonic Youth Group (where possible) or an Eastern Star or Amaranth open event (2 must be the WM, SW, and/or JW).
4.    Lodge must be active in a recognized Local community activity, certified by DDGM.
5.    Lodge attends another Masonic Lodge meeting (stated or called) with a minimum of 5 members attending (2 must be the WM, SW, and/or JW).
6.    Lodge Master Masons (a minimum of 2 non-Lodge Officers) attend a School of Instruction conducted by/under the auspices of the Grand Lecturer.   
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