There are four components for this award:
+Ritual                               +Lodge Operations,
+Masonic Education       +Lodge Representation 
Ritual Component
1.    A Minimum of 3 members provides 3 different lectures in Open Lodge, certified by DDGM (Lectures are EA, Staircase, MM)
2.    A member of the Lodge must be able to give the Apron Lecture, Ballot Box, King Solomon part, and Hiram, King of Tyre, certified by DDGM.
3.    Lodge must exemplify all 3 Degrees during the year with a minimum of 6 parts in the slate performed by Lodge Officers, certified by the DDGM

Masonic Education Component
1.    A Minimum of 3 Masonic Education programs sponsored by the Lodge (other than at a Stated Meeting).
2.    Lodge must have a Masonic Education presentation before, during, or after a minimum of 6 Stated meetings.

Lodge Operations Component (a minimum of 6 of 8 must be completed)
1.    Lodge hosts a meeting with another Masonic Lodge
2.    Lodge Issues a newsletter a minimum of 8 times during the year (electronic or hard copy) with submission to Grand Lodge for Trestleboard recognition.
3.    Lodge must have a website that is updated monthly with submission to the Grand Lodge for recognition.
4.    Lodge hosts an informational session open to the general public.
5.    Lodge has a program to contact non-attending members, certified by DDGM.
6.    Lodge has a program for contacting members in jeopardy of Suspension for NPD, certified by DDGM.
7.    Lodge has a Masonic Funeral Ritual Team (WM, SW, JW, Chaplain) certified by DDGM.
8.    Lodge must have a Long Range Planning committee that meets a minimum of once every 3 months. The committee must have Established Goals and Objectives certified by the DDGM.
Lodge Representation Component (a minimum of 6 of 8 must be completed)
1.    At least 2 Lodge Officers attend the Grand Lodge Leadership Retreat.
2.    At least 3 members of the Lodge attend the Grand Lodge Communication (2 must be the WM, SW, and/or JW).
3.    At least 4 members of the lodge attend a meeting of a Masonic Youth Group (where possible) or an Eastern Star or Amaranth open event (2 must be the WM, SW, and/or JW).
4.    Lodge must be active in a recognized Local community activity, certified by DDGM.
5.    Lodge visits 2 other Masonic Lodge meetings (stated or called) with a minimum of 6 members attending (2 must be the WM, SW, and/or JW).
6.    Lodge must be involved with Bikes for Books, CHIPS, or Public School Essay.
7.    Lodge must host a fund-raising activity for a Masonic Youth Group (or a recognized local youth group if there is no local Masonic Youth Group in the community). This cannot be substituted for the local activity noted above.
8.    Lodge Master Masons (a minimum of 2 non-Lodge Officers) attend a School of Instruction conducted by/under the auspices of the Grand Lecturer. 

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