A “Capstone Project” is designed to be a muti-part self study program using a selected text book as the sole reference for the answers to the end of section examination. It will be an “Open Book” instruction and examination program. Participation is intended to be entirely voluntary, however it is the hope that each of Arizona's Lodges of Free and Accepted Masons will support the program. Encouraging all of our Brothers to refresh their memory of what they think we taught them as they progressed through the degrees is but one purpose of this program. Another would be to induce them to return to Lodge, either as a participant or an observer of the degrees.

Grand Lodge Education Committee has decided that because there are at least a thousand books on the “esoteric” side of Masonry, that we would work on the “exoteric” side of Freemasonry. We agreed that the best possible source for this program would be one that every Arizona Brother should have; The Arizona Ritual Book.
EA Capstone